In the beginning of 2006, talks were swelling in the streets that there was growing health care epidemic in the community; the access to affordable and quality health care had diminished and the amount of professionals willing to service the community was dwindling as well.  At the time there were no charitable entities strictly devoted to dealing with these disparities. Later that year The Modest Foundation was founded, by the McPherson family to act as a community link between the impoverished, and under-served urban areas in the community and the resources that are available.

 In 2007 Bob McPherson and the board of the Modest Foundation, elected Corey McPherson to Executive Director after spending two years developing programs, as the foundations program director.  Under Corey's diligent hard work The Modest Foundation had begun to perfect its largest program  their Maternal Infant Health Program, which is in partnership with Crystal Home HealthCare, a for profit integrated home health delivery system. Crystal Home HealthCare provides services to low income and traditionally underserved pregnant teenagers or new mothers. The Modest Foundation, through donations, provided free baby necessity items as a supplement to the program.  Through their efforts the Modest Foundation was recognized for their contribution to the betterment of the community as was awarded a grant from The United Way to cover food costs of their program. Also in this year, secretary and Treasurer Crystal McPherson collaborated with lifelong childhood friend Hebba Aref to create Project Maryam a baby item drive. Project Maryam was started to incorporate the Ramadan holiday as a time to honor mothers, and help the community.  Through Project Maryam over 1,000 items were donated to the foundation, as well as a featured article in The Detroit Free Press, newspaper.

Following the successes and development of the Modest Foundations programs, in 2008 The Modest Foundations staff led by Executive Director Corey McPherson received recognition from the city of Detroit by receiving the prestigious Spirit of Detroit award for its efforts in the community.  The Spirit of Detroit Award is given to an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life.

In 2009 the Modest Foundation purchased one of the closed down School buildings Pitcher Elementary to begin work on a new project “The Pitcher Project.”

In 2011 While expanding its sphere of influence and goodwill the Modest Foundation hit it’s 5 year goal of servicing over 1,000 families in the Detroit area.

In 2012 The Modest Foundation nearly doubled its number of families serviced to 1,800 marking it the largest support program to any MIHP program in the state of Michigan.